The Balvenie 30 YO


Following on from the campaign I did for the reveal of The Balvenie 60YO whiskey that celebrated the legacy of MBE David C. Stewart, here are the images and motion for The 30YO Artist Collaborations. 
Both these projects allowed me to add further narrative layers to this beloved drink brand. Texturally exploring the brand's identity and legacy, what an honour to photograph the work of Junsu Kim for the 30YO. An explosion of creative expression that perfectly interpreted this iconic serve. 


My main focus after lighting was enhancing the set through camera and composition. Choosing these bold power angles helps elevate the subject and put them at the heart of the narrative. Finally, some retouching tied everything together, delivering the images to the eye-catching, premium standard we wanted. 



Regarding the overall tone, emulating a honey glow was essential to portraying The Balvenie identity. This concept resonated with me, especially as a reference to light. Working with nature as my source of inspiration, I instantly form a connection with briefs that appreciate a clear and natural direction. This project allowed me to perform within the brand guidelines and contribute my interpretation. On top of utilizing reflective mediums and warm highlights, an IKEA lampshade did the trick. I bounced the light into the set to perfectly hit those mellow whiskey tones. Sometimes, creativity emerges from unexpected, humble sources.