Boodles Festivities | Jewellery Still Life Photographer


Boodles Christmas Jewellery Still Life

A lux shoot to capture the contrast between the polished surfaces and rich undertones of these beautiful jewels and precious metals. Sophistication and elevation are paramount in this series. Honestly, it was an honour to photograph some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I’ve ever witnessed. Archie the producer, Holly Isabella on set design and the detailed brand ambassadors brought this Christmas scene to life. The brief was to encapsulate a festive, holiday celebration, the gems and jewels casting glimmers of splendour amongst the merrymaking. 


Lighting was always about giving an essence of warmth, extending the invitation to the Boodles Christmas extravaganza. As everything is on a smaller scale, you have to slow down to focus on those details. Impossible to capture without focus stacking and previously accumulated knowledge of working with stones. 

Boodles is a dream client for me. Ever since I started my journey into jewellery photography, I always looked towards Boodles for themes and inspiration. A brilliant project to end a year full of beautiful highlights.