Flavours x Gaggenau 


“Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.”⁠⁠

This series of photographs captures the power of great teamwork. Still-life photography is often seen as a lonely endeavour but often behind the scenes, there’s a collective of collaborators each contributing to the images.  Shot in collaboration with stylist Alice Andrews and celebrity chefs worldwide, this homage to flavour explosions did involve all the senses. ⁠⁠

Andrew Wong

“Andrew Wong is a chef, anthropologist and cultural observer. British born of Chinese heritage, his environment and nurture have had equal impact. the marriage of both, combined with a strong academic background, has led to a cooking style that has one foot placed firmly in the future and the other inspired by the past. his cuisine is an intuitive expression of tradition, authenticity and craft.”

Santiago Lastra

“Working in professional kitchens from the age of 15 and coming up through global institutions such as San Sebastian’s Mugaritz, Santiago Lastra’s journey is one to impress even the most seasoned diners. KOL, his restaurant in London, as a concept was born on a beach in Tulum, shaped by a desire to be a part of the few who represent Mexico in an authentic way. A cuisine rooted in tradition, but always evolving and adapting, holding at its core the understanding of landscape, culture and people.”

Elizabeth Haigh

Elizabeth Haigh opened ‘mei mei’ in November 2019 to showcase her Singaporean Kopitiam favourites like Hainanese chicken rice, kaya toast, nasi lemak and traditional Nanyang coffee and teh situated in London’s historic Borough Market. Within months mei mei earned glowing reviews from major publications including the Financial Times and the Evening Standard. In October 2021, mei mei won the Harden’s London Restaurant award for ‘Best Street Food’”

After suspending the food arrangements in mid-air, we used smoke pellets to bring dimension to the central structure. A reflection on the historical meaning of still life art, perceivable for example in the choice of the spotlight and contrasting dark background. Using lighting, composition and framing we create a tone reminiscent of any fast-paced restaurant around the world. Attention to detail, pin-sharp precision and soulfulness, are goals that both fine dining and my photography have in common.