Made | Gifting

This collaboration came just in time for some Christmas shopping inspiration. A still-life showcase, an exhibition of stylish homeware additions. 

Fundamentally, on this striking, vibrant visual series it was brilliant to work with the team at MADE. In addition to the photographs, using playful animations was a really nice way to bring a human element. Motion is a priceless additional skill any photographer can have. 

To bring further charm to the images, we worked alongside a feline friend – A fluffy hairball, a bundle of joy, called Ethel.

Gifting is made easy thanks to the beautiful objects curated by Photographing a layered still-life like this allows for brilliant composition and shadow play. And ultimately, fruitful collaboration leads to a fabulous series. A staging of presents, cradled by elegant plinths and, by introducing the human element, we add a quirky, playful touch to the shots. ⁠⁠ 

Presents are a joy to give, but creating an enticing buying experience is also at play here. Set design, lighting and camera composition really heighten the gifting experience. 

⁠Wonderful art direction by Jack Shaw @designedbyjack and Kornelia Kaczmarek @kornykopia 

Special thanks to Michael Sim @michaelsimster for helping to bring the vision to reality and make my job feel a breeze.⁠ Wonderful sets by Perspective Productions @perspectiveltd⁠ and total production excellence by Camille Freemantle @camille_free⁠.