KVD | Boots Vegan series

The secret is in the detail… scroll down to see the entire still-life cosmetic campaign.

The all-vegan and natural ingredients in these KVD make-up products went hand in hand with my macro study of natural texture for surface/background ideas. The more abstract and detailed the macro shots, the more eye-catching and bigger the effect.⁠  Interpreting shapes and textures to then reimagine them in another form, allows us to wander down the unobvious route, encouraging alternative thinking and hopefully creating organic imagery. ⁠

There’s nothing as fulfilling for me as an intricate pre-production process. That attention to detail is one of the core truths behind my photography really. I employed pin-sharp shadowing to accentuate the depth and sculpt the poised products within the set.

Innovating a classic product reveal is a constant undertaking for me but working with classic, timeless still-life briefs that put a spin on composing around the main subject is a great opportunity to strip things back and just trust your gut.

⁠For this campaign, we delved into techniques that would allow us to achieve a 3Dness to each cosmetic element. ⁠

This project spans multiple mediums.

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