Lulu Guinness | Valentines

What does it feel like to be in love?

After lots of time spent on pre-production, you really appreciate how time and consideration really bring a photographic idea to life. It’s often that you have to jump into a brand's thought process and then concentrate on interpreting the brief, in this case, valentine’s day. Within the first images, we explore the romantic visual notion of being on cloud nine. ⁠

The sets were a transcendent journey up into the brand’s skyscape. We made sure that the accessories were an emblem of quality and that they were always spearheading the narrative. Much more than just handbags and purses – a story of luxury and romance.

Was really great working alongside set designer Holly Isabella @hollyisabellagram who totally indulged us in brilliant visual queues and a newfound skill as a cloud expert. ⁠

Starting an ongoing collaboration with the team at Lulu Guinness was an enticing opportunity as a photographer to really delve into a prominent brand’s journey. Drawing on the identity of this celebrated feminine British brand, I wanted our work to reflect and take our viewers on a visual journey. The keyword here is fluidity, using leading lines, we strived for harmonised, whimsical images that radiate elegance.⁠

“It’s the kind of bag you put on the table, not the floor.” The second part of this series was all about exploring the exciting notion of discovery, adventure and glamour of this classic style icon. After lots of time spent on pre-production, you really appreciate how time and consideration really bring an idea to life. For this Lulu Guinness campaign specifically, it’s all eyes on valentine’s.⁠ From my perspective as a still-life photographer, it was all about adding curvature to the set. The iconic lips are the main inspiration, the UK's iconic brand symbolism. This was established from day one. The set design using drapes really reflects that too.⁠

It’s not every day that you get to photograph a style icon…⁠

Part three of the wonderful experience specifically hones in on the visually rich glamour of the idolised lip bag. I love how all the different colours create a sense of contrasting layers. This was one of those briefs that exuded confidence from the get-go, really allowing all of the creative team involved to contribute their strengths. Innovation is made easy work when a brand’s identity is so rooted in style and sophistication. ⁠⁠

So often, when things are moving so fast around us, we don’t get to wholly appreciate the full picture. It’s wonderful, however, when the final images are delivered, that you can look back and see a journey, an evolution, a story of your own. I feel so grateful to grow as a photographer on sets like this one. Huge thanks to the team who made it happen.⁠