Natural Wonders


Hidden gems and organic treasures: a perfect combination when photographing fine jewellery. 

Reframing my often graphic style, here’s an insight into my soft side. The natural textures of these paper-like flowers from Love Flowers interact perfectly with the soft, smoothness of the rings. ⁠⁠Adding warmth and character to the jewels and metals. 


Working with high-end jewellery is a brilliant challenge for any photographer. It requires specific, precise lighting and a real appreciation for macro. The multi-faceted gems require us to light for scale, detailing and glow. ⁠⁠

Technically challenging, a precise toolkit made up of Manfrotto and Fujifilm essentials is an essential starting point for me. Taking it a step further, precise workflow including mobile workstations, high-resolution monitors and advanced software makes pin-sharp precision attainable as a still-life photographer. 

Hard to believe some of those flowers are real right? Wonders of nature. ⁠⁠This appreciation for nature runs throughout my work as it’s a core value I have as a person, both inside and outside of the studio. You’ll often find that my photography has a visual or textural reference to a natural element like liquids, light or shadows.