Opposition | Festive Gift Guide

⁠It was super cool to work with such a fantastic team. Making the most of the reflective surfaces of the phones, lighting was aimed at capturing pin-sharp gradients across the technology but also the different elements and textures throughout the set. A subtle yet elegant and vibrant nod to Christmas celebrations. ⁠

The light was extra important here because we highlight the iridescent nature of the products and the surfaces. It is often an exciting challenge to have the opportunity to apply lighting techniques to highly reflective surfaces. Often, through experience, instinct jumps in and you harvest the fruit of your hard work, sleepless nights and endless questions. Using multiple lights, married together with the colourful, blocky backdrops and surfaces really gave me that smooth gradient I was looking for. ⁠⁠Oh and the use of fun lighting gels. ⁠

Working with a brief that revolves around fun, livly gifting, the overall mood is driven by utilising clever props composed by Maya Linhares-Marx. Unboxing the presents from under the tree, there’s a subtle nod to the childlike chaos that ensues.  Texture, colour and the magic of the now fast-approaching holiday season.