Sexy Fish

Emulating submarine and underwater worlds for this series of vibrant cocktails was a brilliant and unique brief to receive in my inbox. Working within the brand tonal references, I bounced and refracted a light source to achieve the desired ripple and water effect. 

More than anything, I hope this series encapsulates the talented team behind these cocktails. Each drink was unique, allowing us to take inspiration from flavours and ingredients stored behind the bar. The goal? For it to contribute a colourful, striking layer to the branding that immerses the viewer and engages their senses before they choose their desired serve. 

As a still-life photographer, colour is often something we curb in our images through planned palettes or hues. In this case, it's a real explosion, with contrast being a key component. Shooting with the Fujifilm GFX100s was the perfect rendition tool to glorify the vast range of tones. ⁠The restaurant commissioned these hero shots for its drinks brochure and socials. A playful shoot that celebrates the iconic brand identity.⁠